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28th-Feb-2015 07:26 am - [ooc] permissions post + hmd
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The Grand Highblood has a psychic ability called "chuckle voodoos" which is a mostly dormant ability but can be utilized as a powerful toll of influence using and manipulating the fears of his target(s). Effects can range from mild paranoia to full=on paralyzing fear, depending on the intensity and duration of its exposure to the power.

He can enter a subconscious when its guards are down (aka during sleep) and plant bits of information to manipulate the target's thoughts and dreams, making them fear this bit of information, whether it's a physical item or an intangible idea. The target unknowingly grows more and more fearful of this object or idea in their head.

Usually he won't use this unless he's got a real bone to pick with you, or if he's just feeling particularly nasty, so it won't be too big of an issue, but if you would like to opt out of chuckle mindfucks, then comment away!



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26th-Feb-2015 07:51 pm - [ooc] app for thebox
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Player Information
Player name: hanshi
Contact: hanshi@plurk
Are you over 18: Y
Characters in The Box Already: N/A

Character Information
Character Name: The Grand Highblood
Canon: Homestuck
Canon Point: During the Second Rebellion

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9th-May-2012 08:51 pm - [ voicemail ]
grandhighblood: (█  address me properly)
[ . . . . . . . ]

[ . . . . . . . ]

[ seriously he has no idea this thing is recording right now this was totally by accident ]

[ H O N K ]
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